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WG please make a stickied thread detailing refund/rollback process.

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In light of the Santa Crate incident a refund or rollback in certain cases is offered. That's a nice gesture, but many people are left wondering how refunds work in this game, as well as what rollback entails. 

Official post offering refunds/rollbacks:

For example if you roll back your account, according to the player support page:



What is erased, including but not limited to:

  • Combat XP, Elite XP for Commanders
  • Credits and special resources: Oil, Coal, Steel, Clan Tokens, and Ranked Tokens including any resources exchanged/transferred for doubloons
  • All purchases performed with credits (Tech Tree vehicles, modules, etc. )
  • All research performed in the Tech Tree
  • All statistics for the account (kill ratio, damage ratio, etc. )
  • Camouflages, flags, signal flags, and other cosmetic items, except for those that are attached to Premium ships, or that have an equivalent cost in doubloons
  • Containers
  • Research points
  • Commanders, including:
    • Those purchased and/or trained for doubloons
    • Unique Commanders specialized for a particular branch
    • Those obtained from missions, special events, Campaigns, etc.

Or for example when it comes to refunds some payment methods aren't eligible for refund:



Non-refundable payments list:

  • Phone
  • PaySafecard
  • Example: Qiwi, DineroMail, etc.

Others have already asked in the Santa Crate thread for something similar, but please, create a stickied thread with relevant links to Support/info during the Holidays, many players may be stepping in blindly into refunds/rollbacks without considering all the consequences.

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They won't do that, that prevents them from netting additional suckers customers after the deadline expires. 

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