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Whats with these horrible BB reload times??

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I don't know why WG thought it would be a great idea to drag out the BB reload times.  The "Fun-O-Meter" is really going into the low end for sure.  It's getting really boring.

Shoot....go get a beer...

Shoot....go take a piss...

Shoot...read a book

Come back and (Gasp) the game is over.  Yippieee...what a lot of fun that was....Oh joy overload...do the Snoopy happy dance. (That was sarcasm by the way)

Are you really trying to run off your membership?  I have completely given up on buying any new ships until something changes


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A longtime div mate pointed out that the devs dont have a lot space with the increasingly fast reloads of BBs. So they decided to widen the design space with slower reloads.

Problem is that the new battleships the suck to have on your team or to play.

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One thing grinding through Kansas (just purchased MN this weekend) hammered into me was the importance of trigger discipline. If you only get one shot every 40s, you need to make it count. There were times when I lingered under concealment for almost a minute waiting for the appropriate shot that resulted in a blap.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly a different experience. I’m cautiously optimistic about Vermont. I think these ships are going to appeal to a certain type of player, while others aren’t going to able get around the speed and the reload. These ships don’t lend themselves to a very “reactive” playstyle and require more pre-planning than their counterparts. But I also think there’s anything inherently wrong with that - different players find different lines appealing, after all. One of my teammates in a match tonight described playing Vermont as “chess with battleships,” and I based on my experience that seems an apt description of the line.

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The reload time is the easy part. Poor armor, extra long heal cool down times (Can use one a round if lucky), Can't run away from anything, Every HE shell that hits you will start at least one fire, normally 2. They are fun let me tell ya.

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