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[Graphics only] Skybox and lighting variations for battles

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Note: This would be a purely graphical feature. It wouldn't affect gameplay at all.

Idea: Different skyboxes and lighting angles that are randomly paired for each random battle so that the same maps don't always look the exact same every single time. This way the same maps can feel different and unique without having to change landmasses.


Skybox Choices:

Different sets of "weather" that can be different for every match so it doesn't always look the same. This wouldn't affect visibility or detection.

  • Cloud Level: A variable setting that adjusts how cloudy the skybox is. The value ranges randomly per map between 0 and 100.
    • 0.00 = Clear
    • 50.00 =  1/2 cloudy
    • 100.00 = Overcast
  • Sun Angle: This determines the lighting angle. And because night missions aren't really a thing, it would vary between 0 and 100 alongside the cloud level.
    • 0.00 = sunrise
    • 50.00 = noon
    • 100.00 = sunset
  • Water Color: The color of the water would change based on the map's ambient lighting, just like real life.



To make the maps at least feel more differentiated and varied without compromising gameplay. Kind of like how they made lots of variations on Final Destination for Smash Ultimate. So that visually there's more variation and so that the battles feel more unique each time. With 2-3 levels of aesthetic variation that is random for each match, it'd make the battles each feel more special without stepping on the toes of gameplay.




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This isna very good idea. It nullifies the need for constant graphics card upgrades from global changes. And puts environment perception squarely in the hands of the player.

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