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Squashed! My support topic was first buried, then locked - I guess WG does not like being called a fraud for their 100,000 Free XP scam

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This is a support issue where I had contacted support to ask for a refund, was denied twice, and I wanted to find out how many other users had this same support issue and what they did to solve it.  When a moderator moved my post alone - leaving all the other posts here in the Game Support forum for this exact same topic, that told me they were not being honest about my post being in the wrong place.  Sneaky move dumping it in the highest volume forum where it will drop off the first page in under 40 minutes.  Still, my post received comments there from other disgruntled customers, so a second mod just locked it.  Classy move.

I choose not to be silenced.  So I wanted to let you all know what they do to unpopular posts, and ask if this has happened to anyone else.

BTW, I am truly surprised how many other players have tried to defend WG saying that I should have known.  My only response to that argument is to ask why then did WG's own response to my refund request direct me to a different page on their website where it does actually say that another ship is needed to unlock the 100,000 Free XP.  Just saying - not even WG could point to where in the Armory on the product description page where I was informed that I would need a second ship.  I certainly would not have bought it if I knew that.  Just saying.

I am still trying to request a refund a third and final time.  If anyone is interested, here was that original post: 


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Hi pachelbel117,


This section here for game support/bug support, eg technical issues, this is not a right place to post about your current issue. Customer Service is the right place for you. This post will be close.

In the future, if you still feel your issue is not address, please get in contact with WG Customer Service team.




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