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Imperial Japanese tier7 Battleship suggestion

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Tier 7 (Yamashiro Rebuild)
The Yamashiro is the second ship in the Fuso class of battleships. The ships had a rebuild proposed by Hiraga in the 1920's after the Washington Naval treaty to modernize the two obsolete ships into frontline vessels capable of competing with the more modern ships of Britain and America.
Cost 42.78$


Displacement 39,300
HP formula BB
HP 57,260
Torpedo protection: 42%


26mm bow/stern
26mm bow/stern deck
102mm bow/stern armor belt
35mm center deck
152mm upper casement belt
203mm lower casement belt
305mm center belt 
229mm bow turret belt
64mm torpedo bulge deck
229mm upper torpedo bulge belt
305mm lower torpedo bulge belt
99mm citadel deck
131mm stern citadel deck
76mm bow citadel slope
305mm center citadel sides
102mm stern citadel slope
241mm bow citadel face
140mm stern citadel face
457mm turret face
280mm turret side face plate
229mm turret side rear plate
190mm turret rear
250mm turret roof
430mm barbettes 

Main Battery:
10 (2x2, 2x3) 41 cm/45 (16.1") 3rd Year Type (Model 1914)
AP Shell APC Type 91
AP Shell weight 1,020 kg
AP Shell Maximum Damage 12,600
AP Shell Initial velocity 806m/s
AP Shell Krupp 2711
AP Shell Broadside DPM 126,000
AP Shell auto bounce angle 60
AP Shell armed threshold 68mm
AP Shell detonation delay 0.033
HE Shell Common Type 0 HE
HE Shell weight 938.5 kg
HE Shell Maximum Damage 6,500
HE Shell Initial Velocity 805m/s
HE Shell fire chance 30%
Reload 34.6sec
Turret Traverse 46sec
Range 19.88km
Sigma 1.8
Dispersion R x 7.2 + 84 = 227.136

Secondary Battery:
14 14x1 15 cm/50 (6") 41st Year Type (Model 1908)
HE Shell Type 4 HE
HE Shell weight 45.36kg
HE Shell Initial velocity 825m/s
HE Shell Maximum Damage 2,5400
HE Shell fire chance 9%
Reload 10sec
Dispersion 11*R/333.333+30

8 4x2 14x1 12.7 cm/40 (5") Type 89 (Model 1929)
HE Shell Type 0 HE
HE Shell weight 34.32kg
HE Shell Initial velocity 725m/s
HE Shell Maximum Damage 2,100
HE Shell fire chance 8%
Reload 6sec
Dispersion 19*R/333.333+30

Range 6km

Range 5.01km/ 2.49km
DPS 40.4/ 30.6, 27
Amount 8 4x2 12.7 cm/40 (5") Type 89 (Model 1929), 20 10x2 25mm/60 Type96 (Model 1936), 17 17x1 25mm/60 Type96 (Model 1936)

Maximum Speed 22.2knots
Turning circle Radius 830m
Rudder shift time 15.67sec

Surface Detection Range 18.9km
Air Detection Range 9.74km
Smoke Firing Detection Range 16.9km

Slot 1 Damage control party
Slot 2 Repair party 3
Slot 3 Spotter plane/Fighter plane 4

The Yamashiro is the sister ship to the tier 6 battleship Fuso, as such she shares the same weaknesses as the Fuso when it comes to the hull. The Yamashiro has the same AA and Secondary battery as her lower tier sister, with the biggest difference between the Secondary's being her their increased range. The main difference between the two sisters would be the added protection thanks to the added torpedo belt armor, making her more resilient to torpedoes and HE spam, while her Main Battery is completely different to that of Fuso with it being comprised of 10 406mm guns in two twin turrets on the bow and two triple turrets one midships and on aft of the superstructure. Compared to the rest of tier 7 Yamashiro has the tied best firepower with Ashitaka, however her speed is one of her greatest weaknesses with it only barely surpassing the speed of the American standards by 1.2knots. Her other weakness would be her almost non existent AA, making her very susceptible to Carrier attacks, specifically AP bombers and torpedo bombers, though if torpedoes hit her thick torpedo belt the damage would obviously be minimal (unless they detonate you). 



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Real ship, known existing guns in the IJN arsenal, historic record of rework proposal done for the IJN... I like it. I'd want this sort of premium before we get any more paper ships in the game. They're already adding Strasbourg (Dunkerque's sister) as a T7 so I think this idea should get more support.

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