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Thanksgiving event 2020 (replys provided)

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It was a fun event, for us old timers... We do it for the community, above else.. It was fun to volunteer again for a noble cause... With my 100 gms played I hope I gave the community a good time.. Then it was worth it for me...

Intern, while the patch is still alive... A summery with a few replays of my experience as a turkey for the weekend..

Oh, if anyone sees 007_ver_2 ...Advise him  I am sorry (after watching the replay he will know why)...

Thank you assistants for helping,

Thank you WG staff for the organization leadership.



For those who say we volunteers throw the match... The same can be said about the players who (either on purpose or accidentally) Left a turkey high and dry.

GL/HF and thank you for the fun!


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