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a need for self inspection

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For some reason the game has been shutting down my connection while I am playing recently. In my most recent game it did not even start me in the game. All I could do was stare at my own team and the other team while the screen for playing the game never appeared. OK, maybe the servers are super busy. I waited about an hour. I am greeted with a game kill penalty for a game I was not given the opportunity to start. This situation was not me walking away from the game. The game itself caused the situation where I am then penalized for something I can not control. That penalty should be removed. Do not even get me started on the chat ban. Clearly incompetent people running that.

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WG has never been good about differentiating between someone walking away from the computer and their computer getting disconnected.  I would suggest you attempt to capture it as a replay, then send that video file to WG as an attachment to a support ticket.  It's the best way to bring this to their attention in such a way as to provide constructive input towards correcting the problem.

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