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PSA: BF ship Doubloon missions for REGULAR version of ship only

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This happens every year so want to remind people that the 2500 Doubloon missions (+25,000 Coal this year with Jean Bart B) that accompany the acquisition of a B version of the ship can only be completed with the REGULAR version of the ship and not the B version you buy/win

B version ships are technically a different ship in WOWS and these Doubloon missions only list the regular ship version as acceptable to complete them and do not include the B version (have seen in EU armory). This ends up confusing people every year leading to people getting upset they can't also get the 2500 Doubloons as they only have the B version of the ship.

WG seems to have left that little tid bit out of the sales description. Instead of just adding a simple disclaimer that the regular version is required and the B version does not qualify they intentionally, IMO, leave it misleading unless you have been around the block and know how they work.  

So just be aware of this and know you can NOT complete the 2500 Doubloon missions using the B version of the ships unless the B version is also listed as a qualifying ship (which it is not in EU and Asia - NA won't be different). It requires you have the regular version to complete the mission.

Note below in the examples where I use JB B from the EU armory that ONLY JB is listed for the mission and not the B version.

Buyer beware. :Smile_honoring:

EDIT - At least in the news article this morning they spell it out (should be in shop too though)

Special Combat Mission

Until January 31, 2021, you can complete the special combat mission for each ship playing the standard (not black) version of each black ship



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They call the ship "Black Jean Bart" in the title.

Then they call it "Jean Bart B" in the description.

Then they say "Jean Bart" in the bonus mission.

It's almost like it's deliberately designed to confuse people who think they will get a "coal and dubs cashback" after buying it, without having the original version.

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My opinion Wargaming knew what they was doing on these shady deals.


However, this year, things are a bit different.

If you already have a black ship from the Black Friday 2020, Black Friday 2019, or Black Friday 2018 containers, and if that particular ship drops for you again—you'll receive 2,500 doubloons; a Port slot; Commander with 10 skill points; and the combat mission with a doubloon reward for the standard version of that ship.

Why is this posted on your reddit and twitter, but not here?

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