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USS Nevada

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Cool video about USS Nevada , the only USN BB that was at Pearl Harbor and  D-Day / Normandy , and was tough enough to survive two atom bombs.

I know i would like to see USS Nevada circa 1944/45 in the tech tree , she is without doubt worthy of a spot.

And now this video about USS Nevada , about 14 minutes long


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What's interesting but little known is in the initial days of the Normandy landings, the US paratroop's main opponent in terms of tanks were:




The panzer divisions had yet to arrive, and even when they did they first went into action against the British and Canadians.  On the US part of the front it was these relics of 1940 in second line and training units that provided the tank support for the Germans.

This was the battle that inspired the Saving Private Ryan climatic battle...

Airborne at La Fière: Slugfest in Normandy - Warfare History Network

These tanks of German Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 100 (100th Tank Replacement and Training Battalion) were knocked out during the intense fighting that unfolded around the La Fière causeway. All three of the vehicles seen here are French-made tanks that were captured by the Germans in 1940. This image was taken from a reel of motion picture footage filmed by a Signal Corps photographer on June 10, 1944.

Those were the actual tanks that attacked the paratroops...

An American 57mm antitank weapon fires at German armor and troop concentrations in Normandy. During the early phase of the fighting at the La Fière causeway, the 57mm gun was the heaviest available to the men of the 82nd Airborne Division.

And glider troops using their M1 57mm antitank guns were the primary tank killer there.


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