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Enable Mansec when Airborne

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  Hi there, I've been playing the German Carriers for a while, and there has been such a thing bothering me after I got myself the "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament"  skill (aka mansec), and then I realized that I could not select a target for my secondaries when I am flying my planes. In other words, my secondaries will not shoot if some DD manages to slip in (not including Paulo) and send me to the bottom of the ocean; unless I recall my squadron to perform mansec on my CV.


 I hope this is enabled so the ship rushing me can be engaged without having my flight disrupted. I think such minor change could benefit more than harm... right?

The following is me forced to recall my squadron during a clan battle, having to deal with a Halland, then it turned out that such inconvenience was a opportunity to film meme clips, haha.


Hope my idea is supported/approved.






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