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A Special Sunday Twofer, for ships and giggles.

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What do you do when the battle has just begun and you absolutely HAVE to go AFK to deal with a real-world issue? Here for your amusement is what happens when the cabin boy gets the helm and ALL the RNG.



The Anchorage Dockyard event is almost complete, so before it winds up I decided to present to you the complete build sequence.

DISCLOSURE: I spent the minimum of 3500 doubloons at the end of the grind to get her, and the grind missions to reduce the price are now over. She is now (and until this patch is over) for DOUBLOONS ONLY. As a Tier 8 premium cruiser, she is probably worth around 10,000; certainly not more than 11,000, and the 10 point captain who comes with her is nominally worth another 1500. Bear this in mind if you decide you want to get her, read Little White Mouse's review of her, and look up all the YouTube gameplay you can find before deciding on a purchase.

I bought her to fulfil a very specific set of requirements, predominantly in co-op. I pronounce myself pleased with my purchase, but that doesn't mean she's necessarily right for you. Do the research.

With that out of the way, enjoy the pretty visuals:


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I got the Anchorage as well.  I have not played her much at all (less than 10 battles), but that is because I am trying to get things done before 9.11 - 9.12 hit (sloth USN BBs tree release, snowflakes, RB reset).

I do not regret any money I spent on getting her (I think I bought 2 boosters - the big one and the little one).  I will play her a lot more once I get the commander rework figured out and my DD lines grinds come to a finish.

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