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A 2nd flag

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18 minutes ago, Tigerspook said:

Hey gents, what do I have to do to be able to fly a 2nd special flag?

Finish the collections for each nation. As you finish each section it gives  a ship type of that Nation the ability to run 2 flags. I believe you can activate unfinished collections one at a time and then you will get the pieces at random when you get your daily crates, but don't quote me on that, look it up in the wiki. I think you can get some of the crates for coal in the Armory for the collections.



Click on the crates in the armory and you can find our more but this pretty much sums it up.  I run these two on all of my ships that can run 2 flags, but you never really notice flags and signals in the game anyway unless you are that close.


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I must have a head injury. I checked my collections and saw that I have a modest start on the german one you mentioned.  But the containers aren't available in the armory anymore?  This one is paused for me, so when I get done with the more current ones I'll switch it back on. It's a bigg'un.

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