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Transfer Coal/XP/FXP between Accounts?

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I have a WOWS account tied to steam (@ShipStyle) and want to transfer my Coal, XP,  and FXP from those accounts to this one.

I'm sure the answer will be no, but just want to see

Thanks you so much, this'll help my grind!

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The biggest reason we can't do this is to NOT make it worth while to hack someone else's account.

We've had requests to consolidate accounts, move to another region, and sell rare ships to others.  All no for the anti-hacking reason stated.

But no transfer of rare ships, doubloons, credits, coal, steel, etc.

If anybody makes money off this game, it's supposed to be WarGaming.

That being said, it's OK to GIFT items to another for cash. 
The closest thing to sharing accounts is the use of one account's coupons to buy stuff for another account.
I used my account's 30% discount to buy a Massachusetts for my second account.

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