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I noticed for the first time in the Captain's Logbook that rare ships are not listed among the ship collection unless you own one.  For example, I have the HMS Vampire in my port, and it is listed separately from the rest of my collection and from the commonwealth ships.  In the screen clip below I've filtered out only the UK and Commonwealth ships from my port to illustrate how a rare ship appears separately.


I went looking thru some of the other nation's fleets and the HMS Belfast is also missing (though not the Belfast '43 as you can see above), as is the USS Arkansas, USS Benham, USS Missouri,  the IJN's Musashi, the Kutuzov, and the G. Cesare.  I'm sure there are other ships that have been removed from being acquirable thru normal means that I don't remember which are also missing from the Logbook.  More interesting are the ship's I was expected to be missing and are still present: I was pleasantly surprised to see the USS Enterprise is still listed.  I was not as pleased to see the Smolensk.  The Jean Bart is also listed (and she is coming back for Black Friday).  This leads me to believe we now have two categories of currently non-acquirable ships: those who are so powerful they make the game unbalanced in some way, and those WG has removed to create artificial scarcity for a time (e.g. Jean Bart, the USS Black, the USS Flint being recent examples) but which will come back for special events or limited time awards, etc and maybe even eventually to the Armory/Premium Shop.  The former fall into the "Rare" category in the Logbook, the latter do not.  I suspect the Thunderer, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Alaska to fall into this latter category when they are removed early next year since they have all been part of the game for some time and, while popular, they haven't broken anything.  I'm not as sure about the Smaland, however.  She may become a "Rare" ship.  I base this only on the fact that she has not been out very long and is not very common, yet she is getting pulled.

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the ARP ships get put under an "Additonal" category that doesnt show up unless you own them.


Some of the event perma camos get thrown under an "Additional" category too. The Odins "Odin" camo for example, or the halloween camos.





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