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Thanks for Thanksgiving

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To all:

It is that time of year in the United States to give thanks.  While I will start with my wife and having a good essential job that keeps my paycheck coming in, I am also thankful for WOWS.  I will try to list specific things, but they are not all inclusive if I have left anyone or thing out:

I want to start with all the WG staff, but specifically @Hapa_Fodder.  I have heard a few complain about them, but overall I have found them helpful and I trust Hapa when he responds to people. @ObiphanKenobi also responds well and has some humorous responses that I enjoy in his role as a volunteer moderator.

Next I would like to thank the Community Contributors.  Also not an all inclusive list, but I will start with @LittleWhiteMouse and her cohort @Lert.  I enjoy the reviews and responses to posts.  Not only are they very informative, but funny also.  @NoZoupForYou and @SeaRaptor also give great reviews that I appreciate.  Recently NoZoup convinced me to get the Smaland because of his review.  There are others, but I am trying to limit the size of the post.

Finally I want to thank the playing community.  I do not see eye to eye with probably any of you.  Heck I have a hard time agreeing with myself 100% of the time (YES I DO, NO I DON'T).  Regardless, I enjoy playing this game and without all of you it would be very boring.  I have been in a few coop games where there is just me and all the bots.  Whether it is Coop, Clan, Ranked, Random, or Scenario, I enjoy the highs, the lows, the potatoes, the noobs, the unicums and to a degree even the salt thrown around from time to time.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving even if you do not celebrate it.

C130 signing out

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I have learned to appreciate Wows for what they have done this year and going into Winter.


Thanksgiving has several meanings to me in real life in anniversaries and so on. However I have not always been "Nice" vis a vis wows and with some issues here and there. But have learned to get along well enough in game. Im very impatient waiting for ranked to get going again and working on turning my new Halsey commander to 19 from 15. I need to put him into a good American Warship that benefits from him. Essentially a list of things to do.

That is probably why I appreciate Wows more this holiday season, things to do and battles to enjoy, even if you do lose a few.

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