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Can tier X be made Elite ship ?

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Elite status just means that all of the modules on a ship are unlocked, as are the ships that branch off it. The vast majority of t10s automatically have elite status as (with only a few exceptions, the various torp options on Shimakaze and Midway's choice between Tiny Tims and HVARs, to name a few), none have modules to research.

Unless you're talking about premium status, in which case, no. By definition in game, premium ships have increased credit earnings and a slight reduction in service cost baked into the hull (with the modifier dependent on the ship's tier), and only exist in tiers 2-9. At t10, you have 'special' ships, which can take a commander without retraining like premiums, but unlike premium ships they don't have increased earnings. They do have a 50% service cost reduction baked into the hull before you even consider the bonuses from the permacamo, which is what makes them cheaper to run than a tech tree t10. The closest you can get a tech tree t10 to the earnings and net profits of the t10 special ships is to buy or mount a permacamo on the ship in question - the service costs will still be twice as much as the special ships because tech tree ships don't have the modifier on the hull, but the 50% service reduction and 20% credit boost means you'll at least be able to break even regularly.

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