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Suggestions for Premium Shop

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Dear Wargaming,

I understand you desire to make money and you are utilizing methods that are popular for making money. Lootboxes, encouraging activity through progressions, and other methods. However, as a collector of ships and not necessarily an active player (I have a job that keeps me away), I believe I could speak for others like me when I suggest that you allow premium ships to be sold on the premium shop. Punishing players who are unable to complete objectives with new premium collectable vessels is, in my opinion, showing a lack of understanding to the players themselves. In that prospect, if your objective is to push those players away from the game and attract more active players who will be more easily suggestable to those methods, I believe you have been successful. Some part of me, however, does not believe that is your objective. 

I encourage you to reconsider your approach towards premium ships. 

Thank you.

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Not fully understanding your post.  Many of the event ships are or have been available in the Premium Shop.  One issue some players have is that WOWS cycles popular ships through the Premium Shop rather than having them all available.  There is also the marketing aspect of having them in the Armory - making you buy Doubloons to purchase them.  I seem to remember a commitment a year or two ago to increase the number of ships available and the Premium Shop currently has more ships than I remember there being a few years ago.  Personally, I use the Holiday boxes to stock most of my Premium ships.  126 of my 275 ships are Premium and I usually play 1 - 2 hours a night unless WOT has some type of event.

Curious if there are specific ships you are asking about or wanting?  If there are, what are they?

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