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modern post on stabilized scopes

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all the posts i looked at were around a year old.  has any thing changed?  going up the german cv line.  is it worth the 4 pts on them?

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Ooooooooooh nevermind- I get it now. 


Don't know- sorry. 

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For my Richthofen I use the following skills:

10 pt Captain,

Air Supremacy, Improved Engines, Survivability Expert, Sight Stabalization,

19 pt Captain adds the following, (in this order)

Aircraft Armor, Adrenaline Rush, Jack of All Trades, Last Gasp, Improved Engine Boost

Some KM CV commanders want to use a secondary build.  I find that if I'm in secondary range of a ship, things are not going as planned.  Torpedo acceleration seems like it would be a good skill, but WG put a stealth nerf on it though so it doesn't help CV torpedoes.  Jack of all trades is going to bring your bomber and torpedo planes heals up faster, otherwise after aircraft armor, AR, LG, & IEB are all about getting the most speed from your planes to get the most damage in.


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