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Comparison of AA values...

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I think LittleWhiteMouse made a comparison once but I could not find it.

The next closest thing I found on this thread https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/209144-who-are-the-real-aa-ships/?page=3   at the end of the post but the info is a little outdated.

Also, I think DFAA, range, and flak are also pertinent info....  so million dollar question... 

anybody know if such a chart or list exists ?

I would also be curious if any experienced CV drivers have subjective comments on particular ships being either easier or harder to deal with vs. their quantitative number (for instance Friesland might be a tougher than Halland because of available smoke despite it's raw numbers being a bit lower)

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Well im a terrible cv player, but I can tell you this, german aircraft get absolutely annihilated by cruisers and bbs with any aa over 60. American cvs aircraft are much more forgiving at least in my hands.

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Best way to test it is get a few players with ships you are curious about, and go in training room, attack them with your planes and see which DFAA was deadly and not.

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It is more on the skill of the CV driver.


1st match, I kill all his planes over 30 in the match.

2nd match, I kill 4 WHOLE match.


FVR 1st match, 4 kills whole match...

2nd match, 23 kills before he gave up on my HALLAND...


The variables are 7 areas:

1) modoules used.

2) captain skills used.

3) CV player skill.

4) target ship modoules. 

5) target ship captain skills.

6) target ship players skill.

7) use of any combined AA.



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