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Ship Loan

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Mercenaries have arrived on the scene, warrior for hire. Since we can borrow people now, I think it would be interesting if we could loan a ship, player to player, for a given amount of time, locking it out of the loaners account for the duration.

This could help strengthen a clan's fielded team and it could also lead to the same thing that Wargaming already does with its occasional rental ships, the purchase of said ship. No more than 1 ship loaned/borrowed at a time, maybe even per team. Just a thought.

Does not pertain to Clans exclusively*

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29 minutes ago, Mahingan_ said:

@Lord_Zath    one of the few super testers I respect... what do you think of such a system?

Aww, thanks! Though keep in mind STs are everyday players with their own opinions. My opinions:

I'd be worried about a loaner program. To me, there's far too many ways to exploit and possibly grief someone:

- Respec commander and set to random stupid skills (Aircraft servicing on a DD, anyone?).

- Same for ship upgrades, flags, camo, whatever.

- What about selling the ship?

- The ultimate betrayal - killing someone with their own ship!

I like the idea of allowing people to try other ships they normally couldn't. Fortunately, as others have commented, rentals are now a thing. In addition, Public Test allows players to play any tech tree ship available with no fear of impact to stats. As for your thought of strengthening your team by allowing a teammate to play a ship, I've found that competitive environments, especially Clan Battles and KOTS, are far more dependent on the player and not the ship. Keep in mind, a new player to a ship probably shouldn't be taking that ship into competitive anyways.

Thanks for asking for my input :)

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