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The Mini Map is nearly useless as when ships spawn in the North their bows are pointing North instead of South (towards Enemy) and they remain so throughout the battle.   When they move south, towards the enemy they show on the Mini Map as moving in reverse.    Ships on Both teams are spawned facing North.   When I spawn in the South the direction my team's ships are moving on the Mini Map is 90 degrees to the right of my actual heading.    Throws off the line of travel line as well as the line that I am looking/aiming down.    Very disconcerting!    

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I have both teams showing that they are facing north in the minimap and don't show their headings throughout the game. It is making it hard for me to play.

Edit: I went to the section where to Do This First. I did it and the game is back to normal. Aslain's mod didn't clean all the old stuff out.


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Minimap mod station options are not available also. It's very difficult for me to play without my particular color and size configuration. 

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