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weekend event

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remember that the pumpkin killing event is on this weekend. 

kill a pumpkin for prizes. 

TK don't count. 

have some fun all we need it after this year. 

take care


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I prefer the radio contest I once heard about 15 years ago or so. They had some guy with a portable broadcast unit walk about the city and he was tasked with asking various ladies to: "Show us your pumpkins please."

The answers he got varied but were hilarious. There was a few moments where he could have been harmed, and other moments where he saw many pumpkins.

One such lady replied: "Oh, I want to but they are kinda sleepy. Age does that."

The guy said: "I will be the judge of that."

The lady showed him her pumpkins and he replied : "They are actually quite nice."

And the lady's husband walked up behind him and said: "Indeed, I see them every morning. So what the (expletive) are you doing with my wife and her pumpkins, eh?"

The guy, realizing his certain demise and unable to run with the equipment, tried to talk his way out of it. Everyone at rush hour was laughing so hard 🤣, I think most of us had to pull over. I know I did.

Ah, good times. Some Halloweens are very memorable.

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