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Who said Kansas wasn't a fun bote?

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Kansas is one of the funniest ships there are...

Did you know you can fire at it and go dark before it has a chance to return fire? Such a barrel of fun it is...

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She earned you some JC signals.  Yup detonations:  Fun and engaging

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Every boat can have the occasional good game. Kansas doesn't seem to shine in any department.

1. It's slow. That in itself is ok, but you have to commit early.  Commit to the wrong flank and you can be alone, and get a low score, or you can win the "so many reds" jackpot and also get a low score. Once you're committed, you can't take it back. If you need to run, you die. I generally keep my slow BBs in the center of the map.

2. Its reload is 40 seconds.  That's deceptive, because it has the same number of "barrels per second" as a standard 30-second reload BB with 12 guns. (40/12 versus 30/9 = 3.33 seconds per tube). The downside here is that you can't choose a new target as quickly as the faster-shooting BBs can.  That is, if a cruiser pops up broadside at the 30 second mark, Kansas has to wait 10 seconds to shoot and by then the opportunity may be lost.

3. The guns are unreliable at best.  12 guns ships tend to be shotguns. Kansas is no exception.  Even with the recent sigma buff Kansas sometimes misses battleships and at 7 km, and cruisers at 4km.  At that range with that many barrels, I expect a result.  Maybe half the time, the result is 1 pen and 2 over-pens.

4. The thing gets citadeled from all angles as far as I can tell.  I had a Warspite just chunking me while Kansas was bow-on yesterday.  My 40-second reply was not effective.

5. Lots of shatters and ricos.

6. Compare it to its tier 8 piers.  Bismarck, Amagi, Richelieu, Vladivostok, North Carolina, Monarch...Tirpitz, Lenin, Hood, Vanguard, Roma, Alabama, Mass, ...  Where does Kansas fall in that (unordered) list?  I'm thinking right at the bottom in terms of damage-dealing and flexibility.

7. Not a fault of the ship, but it IS getting uptiered to 10.  It can't handle it.  Get your licks in when you can.

The good news is that Minnesota seems like a decent tier 9.

EDIT #2 - gotta keep it real.  For all my complaining, I checked my stats. I have 60 games in it, with a 6pt captain (effectively).  It has a win rate that's about 8% higher than my average, and the damage per battle is maybe 10% below my average.  I put no stock into win rate tbh, and the damage isn't that bad in the scheme of things.  I think my frustration comes from the lack of flexibility and the unreliable nature of the damage.

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tried to make it more constructive and keep it real.

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