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More purchasable permanent camos please!

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I'm a fan of camos. It makes ships in the game look authentic, different, and exciting. I could be completely wrong... but I could swear I remember there being more options for purchasing permanent camouflage for ships several years ago (I'm back after a long hiatus). This would be something I'd be very interested in bringing "back". I know I would pay up to a certain price to have cool historical camos. The ones below are from the Battle of Leyte Gulf event going on right now and I think they look awesome. I wish I could buy one of these to put on the ship of my choice and not lose after several battles. Is that something that other people would take advantage of? Surely it can't be a difficult thing to implement?


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Been waiting years for the chance to get paste permanant camouflagues with the appearance of temporary ones of your choice.

But I'm sure it wont be offered.

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