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Canadian Content and Commonwealth branch growth

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WoW has a great opportunity to seize upon a rarity in Canadian Naval history. The HMCS Bonaventure. It was a British built CV laid down in 1943. Here is the link to the Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Bonaventure

I would love to see Canada represented with more ships under the Commonwealth Branch. This CV would make a great edition other than the Perth sitting there all by herself. I live in Dundas Ont. Canada about 8km away from HMCS Haida and was at the 2019 WOW tour. I quite proud of this ship and the fact that it’s featured as a premium ship. 

Also Canada enlisted a Minotaur again from Britain christened HMCS Ontario https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Ontario_(C53) which again would make a great edition to the Commonwealth tab. Funny enough it was launched on the same day as my birthday. July 29 1943 but I’m not that old lol. 

Canada played an instrumental role throughout the war and especially during the “Happy Times” when the Wolfpack’s were ravaging convoys to Britain and to Russia. 

We are a modest nation and don’t thirst for the spotlight. Quite the opposite. We get the job done. And then we keep working till the next task is done. That’s what really being a Canadian is all about. 

I hope Wargaming takes my suggestion to heart. And adds it to the “to do” list going down the road of the constant expansion of this game. As of now my Steam account has me down for 2250.3 hours of play. That’s 3 months and 3 days of gameplay so I throughly enjoy this game. What would truly make this a precious title to me if my ideas are considered and implemented down the road when the time is right.

I’m not someone who doesn’t realize and understand the amount of work the whole team puts into the title just for one ship. I’ve seen the videos of what it takes and I am realistic and not one of those people who think at the snap of a finger WOW should just do it. 

I hope my suggestions get past along and with some good luck and people who also believe in adding these ships. My dream would become a reality. Living life with a disability and being alone doesn’t allow me to venture far from home but it doesn’t stop my imagination. And hopefully the powers that be see the merit in this project and give the idea some serious thought and planning. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

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Honestly agree with this. I wrote up my own aircraft carrier proposal about a few weeks ago with Bonaventure at the top. While I do think that an aircraft carrier line is a bit of a stretch with the complete lack of a commonwealth navy we have right now, they would definetely be more realistic than the German carriers we have right now (with the potential of more unique aircraft like the sea fury). There are definetely enough historical ships for at least a destroyer and cruiser line so I don't see why there isn't a commonwealth tree in the game yet since it's long overdue.

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