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The tale of two cruisers

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I've started to play two cruisers recently: Tallin and Mainz. Interestingly enough they have practically the same hulls and the only significant difference are the guns. Yes, that 12km short radar is not very useful and does not make a difference. What's interesting is how these cruisers perform for me: Tallin is meh with 47% WR and 47k average damage, while Mainz is awesome with 92% WR and 92k average damage (what a correlation!).

It's true that I've played only 11 games in Mainz while Tallin clocks 36 but I could tell that Mainz is a much more enjoyable experience. And the difference is in the guns. Mainz can excel in any situation because of HE spam + fires + extra spicy AP damage on broadsides while Tallin has pathetic HE so you mostly shoot AP in hopes that you will get those citadels; the only problem is that it works only on other cruisers and they mostly don't want to expose their citadels.

Now at this point I have to say that I'm pretty confused about the Soviet heavy cruisers line. I've been doing pretty poorly in Moskva but rather well in Stalingrad. I hope Petropavlovsk will be more like Stalingrad )))

At least I have a definitive answer regarding "Mainz or Bagration?"; of course Mainz is better.

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Riga can be played in reverse like Flamu did in his video. It works. Tanks a lot of damage.
But the damage it does is abysmal. Always finish at the bottom, win or lose.
Tested Petro 3 times on PTS. It's a very good ship.
So I'm gonna bite the bullet and finish that miserable Riga so I can get it.

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Mainz is insanely fun if not limited ship. I’d love to have the 12 sec 12k radar in it! Tail was a nice grind. I enjoyed it more than Hipper simply for those gunZ. I just got to Riga yesterday. Roughy day. 1/5 wins and 50k average damage. It can only go up!! I did quite well with the German line if you are working that. Hindy and roon were a lot of fun after a lukewarm experience with hipper, horrible with Yorck and loved the V and VI cruisers. 

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