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North Carolina bot with torps?

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Is that a thing in PVE?

This is the second time I remember seeing a North Carolina with torps designated by my mod settings.

I've never seen any NCs fire torps so it may be a glitch in the mod.

Also this NC had its name in Red and I'm curious what that may mean as well.

Thanks for any feedback.


NC w Torps far.png

NC w Torps close circled.png

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Definitely a glitch or bug with the mod. It’s not the only thing either - NC’s max speed with flag is somewhere around or just under 30 knots, not the 38 the mod says. As for the red ship name, that has to be something with the mod as well. If I had to guess, I’d say some sort of indicator for team damage, but I really have no clue.


Although now that it’s been brought up.... 38 knot top speed NC with 10.5km torps? WG, gib pls. 

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I believe the red name is from the priority target. The NC has the red circle around it marking it as your target.  The speed and torp indicator is probably from the mod misplacing ship data.

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