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Premium Ship Suggestions Part 1: Various T6/7 Historical ships

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I've always liked seeing a lot of the premium ship proposals, so I've decided to make one of my own. This will be a two or possibly three parts as i have quite a lot of ship ideas. Also keep in mind...

1: All ships mentioned actually existed, no paper designs

2: All ships mentioned are either T6 or T7

3: This is my first attempt at this, so it may be a little rough in places

USS Colombia, T6: it's literally old Cleveland, only difference is half second reload nerf (8.5 instead of 8) and hydro and DFAA in separate slots, conforming to US light cruiser norms

USS Houston, T6: Northampton Class heavy cruiser. Over Pensacola,  Houston has an extra inch of belt armor, but trades one gun and considering Houston sank during the battle of the Sunda Strait, never received 40mm bofors, so she's stuck with Chicago Pianos making up the bulk of her AA. However, Houston will retain the 25mm bow/stern/side/deck of Pepsi and NOLA


  Italian Heavy Cruiser Trieste



Trento's sister ship. Trieste will be to Trento what Gorizia is to Zara. In exchange for torpedoes and some DPM (half a second reload), Trieste gets...
        Improved SAP angles (Venezia's old angles)
        Longer lasting smoke with shorter cooldown (Gorizia's smoke more or less)
        T7 German Hydro (5.5km ship detection, 3.75km torp detection)
        More range (17km vs 16.1km)




Bolzano is an oddity. A one off Cruiser design capable of going 36knts, an abnormal amount of torpedo tubes for an Italian cruiser, uses the same hull/armor of Trento, but uses the improved 8in guns as Zara and Gorizia. I'm not really sure what tier to put in. The hull puts it right at T6, but the fire power puts her at T7

Basic stats (going in as a T6)
Health: 33.4k
Armor: 16mm bow/stern, 25mm side/deck. 70mm citadel/belt armor
Primary armament: 8 8in guns in 4 twin turrets. Reload; 16secs. Range: 15.5km
Shell types: SAP and AP: Maximum SAP damage: 5050. maximum AP damage: 4700 initial muzzle velocity- SAP- 910m/s. AP- 910m/s. SAP bounce angles: Standard ITL cruiser angles
Torpedo armament: 8 torpedo tubes in 4 twin launchers (2 launchers per side) Range: 12km. Damage: 12k. Speed: 51knts . Reload: 45secs Alternative option: Range: 6km. Damage, 23,867. Speed: 67knts. Reload: 65secs
Speed: 36knts
Stealth: 13km (no camo or CE)
Consumables: DCP, Exhaust Smoke (25sec duration, 180sec cooldown, 2 charges base), Catapult fighter/Spotter plane

So what would I change to make her a T7? Well...

Armor: 25mm bow/stern, 27mm side/deck
Primary Armament: Reload: 14secs. Range: 16.5km
Consumables: Exhaust Smoke (40sec duration, 140sec cooldown (only add if it is needed, otherwise keep it at 180secs,) 3 charges base), Standard Repair Party (if all else fails- 2 charges base)

At T6, the gimped gunpower should be enough to keep her from being a PTW Trento, while the plating buffs should be enough to squeeze the T6 hull into T7, with the added bonus of an extra smoke charge. Still, there is the option to reduce the cooldown time of her smoke ala Gorizia, or go the Abruzzi route if all else fails and just slap a heal on it.

Caio Duilio



The lead ship of her class (according to Italian sources, but also called the Andrea Doria class in others) I initially wanted to just take Cesare at T5, and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V at T6 with 2 or 3 soft tweaks. It'd probably be a moneymaker as those who missed Cesar get a second chance at a T6 version, but it is kind of boring. Instead, I am going to propose a new and interesting idea: SAP secondaries

First, the other features of the ship:
Health, Gun performance, armor, and AA match Andrea Doria, which at the time of writing is still WIP and could change
Her HE (yes Duilio in this proposal fires HE) is the same as Cesare's, as will her concealment, although this might very well have to change
She does not have Exhaust Smoke, and 100% will not have access to a fighter or spotter plane, meaning her only consumables are DCP and Standard BB heal

 Now for the Secondaries. The Duilios in game use a mixed armament of 135mm secondaries and 90mm secondaries. Calculating the SAP damage of these ships  seems to be more or less "Shell Caliber/4 plus 3."  Luckily, thanks to Paolo Emilio, we know 135mm SAP has 38mm of pen and does 3050 damage, and Duilio's 135's will have similar ballistics to Paolo Emilio's shells. As for the 90mm guns, the SAP pen of these weapons should be about 27mm and do about 1900 damage. Another worth mentioning is that Italian battleships on the devblog were teased with "Secondaries with good accuracy, but short range" Nothing was mentioned about how accurate that is, I assume Massachusetts accuracy,  but maybe its Zeppelin accuracy, but either way, Duilio gets whatever accuracy curve the tech tree ships get for their secondaries. However, to make the secondaries effective, the range has to be increased into effectiveness, so I'm giving the secondaries a base range of 6.5km, giving the total secondary stats this...

Secondary Armament: 12 135mm guns in 4 triple turrets. 10x1 90mm guns, 5 per side
Shell type: SAP. 135mm SAP damage: 3050. 135mm SAP pen: 38mm. 90mm  SAP damage: 1900. Pen-27mm
Autobounce angles: 135mm-75-80. 90mm- 65-80
Reload times- 135: 6secs. 90mm-3sec
Range: 6.5km base
Accuracy: Massachusetts or Zeppelin

I gave the secondaries different bounce angles with the 135s being far more favorable for two reasons. 1: allow ships a chance to angle against these shells. 2: The 90mm guns will fire and hit about twice as often, so they get worse bounce angles to account for the higher RoF. Now, as for balancing this against German BB secondaries, I still think this doesn't full on powercreep German secondaries, as simply angling against Duilio's secondaries practically negates their damage output, while German secondaries with their high pen HE don't really care about angles, plus German BBs have turtlebacks and nion impossible to citadel at close range, while Duilio most likely can get citadelled out of existence at close range.

And this concludes Part 1. I still have quite a few other ideas for ships that could fit at these tiers but could not put them into this post as it would take up too much space. 

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