With music video collabs like the Bismarck one by Sabaton, along with various other music videos commissioned by naval recruitment offices, I think it'd be a good idea to make some camo based on said music. A couple of good ones would be Van Halen's "Dreams" and Top Gun's Danger Zone for carriers (with the Dreams camo featuring the blue and gold of the US Navy Blue Angels, and Top Gun camo featuring Maverick's helmet). Another good one would be Motley Crue's "Kickstart my Heart". For heavy cruisers or battleships you could use "In the Navy" by the Village People, and for Destroyers, use "Sea Cruise". Music samples, starting with carriers. Here's Van Halen's 1986 classic US Navy music video, "Dreams" starring the Blue Angels: And here's everyone's favorite song from the 1986 cult-classic carrier aviation movie, TOP GUN: And here's Kickstart my Heart, once again featuring the Blue Angels:   Next, in the large-bore gunnery category (battleships and heavy cruisers), here's "In the Navy" by The Village People:
  https://youtu.be/nmGuy0jievs (Sorry, YT doesn't allow this video to be embedded, you have to click the link)   And finally for destroyers and submarines, here's "Sea Cruise" (Original artist Frankie Ford, which is a little dated. My favorite rendition is by the Kidsongs Kids, seen here performed onboard a US Coast Guard cutter):   Like with the Transformers and other collabs you could even have these songs play instead of the standard in-game music.