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today is my lucky day?

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They are rental ships. You can only use them in clan battles, and they have limitations on them (no camoflage allowed). They are there so people with tier 8s can play in tier 10 seasons of CBs



From October 5, any player who fights in a Clan, Co-op, or Random Battle playing a Tier VIII–X ship will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use: flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09special_fdb3e9eabba1009b1c4adb7b370a68a2X [Großer Kurfürst], flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcspecial_333a61069a325ba8314cbbae96c1a345X [Zaō] and flag_Russia_6ce701e1c2f2ac3909a68a0a7b23special_5d797363651721d76cdb3439cd23845bX [Grozovoi]. From October 21, those ships will be replaced with flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22special_fdb3e9eabba1009b1c4adb7b370a68a2X [Montana]flag_Russia_6ce701e1c2f2ac3909a68a0a7b23special_333a61069a325ba8314cbbae96c1a345X [Moskva] and flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcspecial_5d797363651721d76cdb3439cd23845bX [Shimakaze]. The ships of the final set—flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcspecial_fdb3e9eabba1009b1c4adb7b370a68a2X [Yamato], flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09special_333a61069a325ba8314cbbae96c1a345X [Hindenburg] and flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22special_5d797363651721d76cdb3439cd23845bX [Gearing] — will arrive in your Ports on November 4.


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