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Life of a mid tier battleship

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Hello captains :cap_cool:, here I go over some mid tier battleship strategies and things to look out for . Specifically at tier 6 things change a lot , you can and do see tier 8 which is a tough hall for any tier 6 besides a vattleship with no speed, no turret traverse , low secondaries and lack of AA . The tier can be and is fun but you need to watch out for the pitfalls and tier 6 BBs are tougher to play against tier 8 than being in a tier 8 facing tier 10s just because at tier 8 the only thing penning your bow is a few large shell BBs , at tier 6 almost every BB can pen your face. Hope you learn something and enjoy this . My Youtube channel is Meta_Man2002 please subscribe if you enjoy the videos I do  all classes .:cap_rambo: Happy hunting


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