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Season 11 info oversight

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"May feature a cyclone". I like this change/feature a lot and am very excited to try it, but it is COMPLETLEY different than the normal. Strategies without a cyclone are way different from strategies with a cyclone. Comp and strat building has been a nightmare, mainly because we do not know the chance of a cyclone. Is it a 50/50 randomized shot? 25% chance? 75%? I think it is a huge oversight by WG to NOT include that in the info, but maybe its just me. Its not like lootboxes crates or anything where it de-moralizes participation. I also know most of my clan was thinking that cyclones are every match, not just some. 


Maybe  @Hapa_Fodder can clarify for those of us confused, or at least push this up so things are a little clearer and more transparent in the full season 11 announcement. 


I'm really looking forward to this season!:cap_rambo:

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I think the new format of 2 bb or 1 +cv will be interesting. I’d still like to see a maximum on specific ships like only 1 or 2 ships max of the same type. I also don’t think this will be the revival of dds as stated in the patch notes, which is unfortunate. Good luck being a dd against multiple radar ships you just spotted at 8 km 😂 

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