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Most ridiculous recommended signals.

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What is the most outrageous recommended signal you've seen. Or most ridiculous omission?

Make sure you don't forget to take increased flooding chance for your Khab!!


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5 hours ago, black_hull4 said:

+5% chance of magazine detonation for anything that isn't an aircraft carrier

If you have the det flag that is irrelevant.

You can use both of them on DDs & still be det free.


Sorry Ducky...I haven't played since recommended signals became a thing so I have no examples...but I'm sure there is some hilarious 1s.

Hopefully some more get posted :-)

Shame you got a confused notification for the Khabe torp thing...seems pretty funny to me to recommend that for the Khaba. Let me be the 1st to laugh at that w/a funny vote...although Khaba does have the speed late game to at least attempt to charge torp a lonely BB (while HE spamming it of course to get it to use it's DC so some floods can take when you do) for a last minute point makeup when needed...especially when it either needs to happen or you lose...but I'll still give you the funny because it's not like it's a standard use for it.

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