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And it's time for King of the Sea XI playoffs - we start with 16 teams, and we'll narrow it down to 4. We started at 104 teams! Come watch, join me for dirty water, and win some awesome loot alongside 




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This is Howard Cosell, we are live at Legendary Potato Colloseum where players around WG assemble to compete for the title of King of the Sea and King under the Sea.

Many will play, few will win. Between the salt and the tears players will ascend the podium to become the greatest.. this year. Then next year, meh.

Then contestants, fully prepared and selected by their clans, some recruited right out of elementary school as the ultimate high score kids. Old guys, full of liquid courage and the spouse's promise of glory when the lights go out. Young players, fresh from posting on Twitter and sending unusual pictures of their derriere. And finally, The hard core swabbies from a few Navies across the globe.

Bounced across 50 satellites to prevent lag, with the cooperation of several ISPs, and the atomic generators 10 miles down that ensure no power interruption during matches.

It's shaping to be a good night.

I don't know how I got this gig because I was somewhere up there when I was summoned down here with attached circle made by a social media manager.

I must have found some bad Karma. At least she dressed like Sailor Moon and had this dog dressed as a cat. Such Moxie.

Good luck players, and remember what Patches O'Houllihan would say: " If you can dodge a wrench, then you can dodge AP."


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Dang, Zath, you're starting to look ... older than a teenager.

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