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HP in one salvo against a Kremlin. It's got to be a personal best for me, in any mode. 7 citadels, close range of course. Thunderer is the name Boom Boom is the game. If you don't have her already, get this ship, especially for Co op.



It took a lot more to even get 76,000 on Montana and didn't even get the kill.


My review of the Thunderer. Make it one of the next ships you seek in this game. If you are displeased don't blame me blame RNG.

The replay if you are interested, the Kremlin shot comes close to the end.


I suppose I can show my overall stats for Thunderer in this macabre review. Keep in mind this is Co op and generally it is harder to score High HP unless the game is all bots and or snow-flakers (who sometimes are worse to have on your team than bots).

Can you remember any 95,000 + HP salvos that didn't have a detonation attached to it? I think that I will never have a better salve in this game.

Die Now.


GLHF everyone and get this ship if/when you can.

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Congrats to you, that must have been a great feeling.:cap_like:

If I get scores over 300,000 I will look to see if it is my new best (forget what that is now), but in general I don't really keep track of other things. I used to but, WG and their 'play what we want you to play' attitude, has turned me into a more casual player.

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