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Binocular view for CVs.

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It can be a huge pain to judge heading and such when you can't zoom in. And worse, trying to accurately apply voice commands to a ship is painful at best, as even a slight miss results in either a general command or for you to call out that someone help your planes. Even being right over a DD, it's still not hard to miss your input, so small are they.

Doesn't need to be some fancy binocular-like binocular view, just the same one ships get minus the unnecessary frills. I feel it'd help with both coordination and even the gap between people using smaller monitors and larger.

That, and it's so embarrassing to use the wrong command due to difficulty aiming at such a tiny thing. No, no! I'm not trying to tell the team to attack a cap, I'm trying to point out the DD! No, Bismarck, don't die due to that entirely preventable error! NOOOOOO!

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