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The Odin paradox

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I got the Odin and was really happy to add her to the port. After playing her awhile I noticed she does great as top tier, so so mid tiered, her lower HP and smaller caliber guns in bottom tier are really painful.

All ships face extra challenges being bottom tiered. The Odin really could IMO use a little help but at a loss where she could be helped?

She’s pigeon holed with her main battery.

Her lower HP makes 2ndary engagements suicide missions against higher tier BB’s.

Her 2ndaries are okay but not what I thought they would be.

She was advertised unofficially as a Super Scharnhorst. I really feel now the Scharnhorst fares better against T9 BB’s than the Odin does against T10 BB’s.

Should she be played as a battlecruiser only, and to the n’th power? Spamming HE only at T10 BB’s and the only time AP is used is at cruisers when bottom tiered? Running from any engagements from T10 BB’s unless forced into a “have to” situation?

Such a shame the Odin to have the name of the king of the gods of Valhalla to be reduced to Loki like tactics when not top of mid tiered.

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Play her like a cruiser with actually good armor that can turn into a BB when the need arises. One thing she has over tirpitz is her torps don't get destroyed much due to them being butt racks.

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4 minutes ago, Shoggoth_pinup said:

Play her like a cruiser with actually good armor that can turn into a BB when the need arises. One thing she has over tirpitz is her torps don't get destroyed much due to them being butt racks.

I agree.  She's an excellent "heavy" cruiser although a bit slower.  Like Graff Spee her guns can wreak havoc on cruisers but her hit points can quickly reduce her to taking cover from BBs in her own tier let alone higher tier ships.

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Odin is a joy in co-op. I can set off Lutjens captain nearly every time.

In Randoms, yeah, play as a cruiser. Hit from behind cover, but keep moving. She has hydro and can navigate DD infested waters just fine.

Brawling a BB is only if it's 1v1. In that case, you are not likely to pen most BBs until very close in a drive-by. But long range, HE sets up the stage for that brawl by taking out early BB secbats and set a few fires to wear down the BB. Use her stealth build to easily break off in those situations. At midrange, you want to get the gun turrets. Because at mid, you aren't going to successfully pen unless they are wide, but if you get one turret destroyed, then you just improved your chances. 

While manual secbat is great at close quarters, the skill is changing and so you might adapt to the regular secbat build where they automatically fire in All directions. This helps in a situation where you might get ambushed by a DD from different sides and you will be able to focus primary target without distraction.

Also, it would be a good idea to focus on survivability against fire and maybe beef up the HP. While superintendent is great for Randoms, it's of no use for co-op. Keep that in mind.

Your fighting style dictates what you like to do.

But doctrine is cruisers at long range AP, BBs HE, DDs HE, and closer with BBs AP. Cruisers that are trying to get a spread off can be dealt early if you HE focus his tubes. That will give you the knife fight advantage early and you know which way the cruiser might turn if his other tubes work. In essence, you are taking away a side from that cruiser and he has tough choices from then on out if you press the advantage.

Odin sadly needs better sigma. But at longest range, the HE will do in a pinch for BBs and AP will do fine chipping damage off cruisers.

Engaging DDs is best as far away as possible with HE, but single fire to adjust to quick turns.

This is also similar to cruisers. They tend to wiggle and single fire will allow you to walk the shots in if they execute a turn after the first shot.

BBs, you can smother with broadsides, but watch the ribbons if no pens or misses, aim a bit higher to adjust.

Speed is Odin's greatest asset because slowing down might save you from torps but you are too stationary for BBs not to pass up.

Try to avoid open water and just be clever in selling the gun fire and then turning afterwards. Selling the opponent is a misdirection trick and can be used against DDs and other ships. You are basically looking too tempting on purpose and luring your opponent to fire, but quickly angle and then execute a maneuver while they reload. Rudder shift is key here.

Odin is more Hindenburg, than Hipper or Scharnhorst.

Odin the Norse God was by and large clever and resourceful. He is similar in ways to Loki, but only more subtle. Odin already had a plan because he already knew. But he actually trolled his opponents at every turn just to teach them a lesson. He used disguise, and often would bait you to make a mistake. 

He knew it all, but he wanted to have fun memeing the crap out of you.

Needless to say, Loki couldn't stand him. Thor, Loki could handle, but Loki couldn't talk his way out of anything with Odin. Because Odin, always had your number. He just pretended not to know. It's more fun that way.

Have fun Ahab, I hope it's useful. But remember, you play you best and only you might discover something that you excel at with Odin all by yourself that most of us didn't even think about.

With all ships, it's about discovering their character and utilizing that to it's full potential.

I am sure you will innovate. Most of us do.



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