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When MM has a Brain Fart

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4 hours ago, Efros said:

Occasionally MM I think just says what the hell.

Had a game the other day that was 2 CVs, 5 BBs and 5 DDs per side. EVERYBODY was mad!

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I had a weird T7 game on 2 Brothers. The MM decided to spawn ONE ship on the Western side, a tier 5, then spawn all the other ships either in front of the channel or on the East. So our Emerald went forward, and found a Furutaka, Scharnhorst, Leander, and also became the focus of the Ryujo's planes. I took my Ryujo down that way to help, and we ended up causing a complete rout, whereupon the feeling ships did a 180, and went straight up the middle! They proceeded to run over all our ships in the channel, and start capping. But we also started capping, the Emerald killed the enemy Ryujo, and, well, cap denied, eat my HE missiles!

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