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asymmetric battles = high tier ship bully

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the video show 5 high tier vs 9 low tier, image.thumb.png.5b60c68e659232429168a2b2704293fc.png

but reallity is 7 high tier vs 9 low tire, lier image.thumb.png.d49602b431446cf6fd415a80288e72fe.png


there is NO chance to win, i give up

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AND, there is a simple exploit the upper tiers use because their detects are lower.....  I won't outline it here but it's just about fool proof when you have a team with half a brain and the lower tech team simply can't prevail.............  No more.

This was a good idea that simply wasn't thought through.  And, would have been better at lower tier play =  tier 6 and down.   Tier 7 and 8 have too many ships that can "completely" dominate the maps..........with their tech......

Good try though !!!

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