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You have warship meme's?

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Okay, so normally I wouldn't post this, but a funny work chat convo got me thinking.

We're gonna start a meme thread.

This is, however, not without rules!

1: Your meme's MUST have some kind of connection to World of Warships

2: NO personal attacking meme's (there is a difference between humor and attacks)

3: Try to keep the regular conversations to a minimum and work that Meme magic!

4: Certain forum rules will be waved for this as listed below (it's good to be the lord of the forums)

  • Yes this isn't necessarily on topic, that is okay for this thread

Other than that, I will start, LET'S GO!

MicrosoftTeams-image (13).png

Credit for this meme goes to @foodprinter as most meme credits go!



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For every "I turned pink - No Fair!", "the CV touched me here", or "everyone's a potato but me" thread, WeeGee needs to hand these out.


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1 hour ago, WildWitch said:


"I don't care who you are that's funny right there"


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