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OK First i am from the US i am currently in Afghanistan when i put this game on it put NA so when i go to the form everything is in Italian. totally weird only Italian i know is salad dressing

but ok then it says i can put in a bonus code when i watch videos ok where ? i have learned i have been missing out on alot I've been doing my best but would like to get more get better

any help would be appreciated


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Yeah, those Italians have a different word for almost everything, so I can't help you there.

If HazeGrayUnderway's link gets lost in the Afghanistan sands log in to WG website https://worldofwarships.com/

In the upper left hand corner you will see premium Shop, click on it. Just to the right of center near the top you will see Redeem Wargaming Code, click on it.

That will be the same page Haze's link takes you to.

Yes, stay safe.

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59 minutes ago, TheGreatBlasto said:

Does the Pentagon let you use its internetz pipes for gaming?



$80 a month gets you 1Mbps satellite from an Afghani provider. Over 7 million people use it, so I'm sure it works ok.

It's pricey, but what else do you have to spend it on, especially if you're single, and don't need to send money back home?

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