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Watch Utoob While Grinding Snowflakes

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Hovering mouse over the taskbar to get a thumbnail of The Tour de France while waiting for a battle
gave me the idea. So I searched, and sure enough, there are ways to do it.
Here I am watching a Joe Rogan podcast while playing an Asymmetric battle.


My buddy gets distracted if the tv is on while he is playing, but he can talk to me on the phone.
I can talk to him while I'm playing, if he's in the same room, but over the phone is too distracting for me.
So people are different, but it works great for me. I mostly watch news shows which require 95% listening
with the occasional glance at the screen to see what the witness looks like etc.

The program I found is fast and easy to use. I'm on an older PC running Win 8.1 and it works great.
Fully customizable for size, location, opacity, click-through or not. Volume easy to balance.
Instructions are located under the secret bar, to protect the people who are already bored.


(picture in picture. watch a utoob video inside of a game, or any program.)

Custom Overlays Inside of Any Game


last update 2018
Damn. It works. Works well on Win 8.1.
For part of the video, he goes too fast, so need full instructions.

Install the OnTopReplica program.

Start the game. Minimize it.
(he has some instructions for full screen but I haven't looked at it yet.)

Start the program/media player of your choice. (using youtube as an example.)
Start the OnTopReplica program. It launches a blank square.
Left mouse drag the square to where you want it.
Left mouse corners/edges to resize the window.

Right click the blank window, and from the popup, hover over 'Select Window'.
From the next popup, select your program or browser.
(If you hover instead, you get a 3rd popup called 'whole'. Haven't tested yet.)
Your selected program will now show in the formerly blank square.
(If you were running a video, you'll see the video running in the new box.)
Right click inside this new little window, and from the popup click on 'Select Region'.
Left click/hold inside the little window to draw the region you want.
Then, in the popup window, bottom right, click 'Done'.
(Note that from this popup you can save regions. Very cool.)

Now. Grab the corner or edge, and you can resize again, while maintaining aspect ratio.
Now. Left click/drag the small window to your final location.
Bring up the minimized game to help line it up.

When your happy, and if you want to, right click the little window, hover over 'Advanced',
and from the next popup, click on 'enable-Click-Through'.
Now when you hover the mouse over the window, the opacity will drop 50%, and you can click directly on the game.

To undo the Click-Through, left click on the 'OnTopReplica program' which is running on your Taskbar.

Finally. You can right click on the little window and turn off 'Show Window Border'.
(Interestingly, when I turn off border, the video doesn't lose opacity when I hover over it.
Also, when I restored the border in testing, it came out as windows blue, not white.)

Bonus: You can right click on the little window and change the opacity.
Could make for some very interesting effects.
25% opacity with a large music video playing over your game? Etc.

Settings: choose language, and 2 system-wide shortcuts that you can set.
[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+O = Show/Hide.

Note: When I minimized the program running the video, it caused the overlay video to pause,
so just leave it running on the desktop.




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I just use a spare monitor or laptop I have sitting around.

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1 minute ago, MrDeaf said:

I just use a spare monitor or laptop I have sitting around.

I used to use a tv I have sitting to the left, but figured why waste the electricity. Plus, I don't have to turn my head.

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Note: If you remove the border, and want to resize the window, restore the border first.
I love it. Watching the bike race in the game, switch to the browser for the forums, stays on top.

Back in the glory days of CRT monitors, I once built a stand to hold 4 monitors. Side-by-side and 2 on top.
Only had 3 monitors at the time, but I learned that after a few hours of use, you develop neck strain by constantly turning your head.
If you're a little kid, sitting in the front row at the movie theater is great.
Doesn't work once you grow up.

4 monitors works side-by-side, like you see with the Wall Street guys,
but they don't check the outer monitors very often.

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I use a chromecast and just stream stuff to my TV.  Haven't played with the game sound on in years.

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