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The Petro is hilarious

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random citting bbs from random angles? check
complete lack of HE? check
gets full penetrated instead of being citadled or overpenned? check
somehow not capsizing? check
relies on broadsides to do damage? check



this ship is a complete meme and i love it, but id rather have the Henri IV guns


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Like the Stalingrad the ship is crammed with super strengths and crippling weaknesses, both a laundry list long

Unfortunately for both, the list of weaknesses is twice as long as the strengths.

Of course you would much rather have the guns of HIV, Petro's guns are effectively that of a T8 or T9 ship.

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Petro advantages:

- good armour

- good ap pen

- stealth radar

Petro weaknesses:

- 25 mm nose that can eat fullpens from bbs (2 fullpens is 10k from a bb)

- absolutely garbage maneuverability

- worse HE dpm then shimakaze

- only being able to shoot one salvo during the radar duration

- inability to hit anything consistently past a range of 14 kilometers

Anyone with half a brain can see that the Petropavalovk is in fact balanced and not overpowered; it has weaknesses that can be exploited, as well as strengths that can give it an advantage if played correctly.

Here is a quick tldr on how to win a fight against petropavalovsk, it is pretty easy really:

If you are in a battleship: angle your ship enough to bounce his ap. Then you proceed to 20k him in the upper bow from fullpens.

If you are in a cruiser: just go bow in and laugh as all his ap bounces and his he does less damage then destroyers. You outdpm him and you win.

If you are in a destroyer: slow down and turn out to avoid his first salvo. Start throttle juking. His radar is so short duration that if you throttle juke twice the radar will already be over. You will take next to no damage.

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