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Loewenhardt guide at Bottom tier

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Hello captains , this is an overview of the tier 6 CV Loewenhardt  . Here is an overview about the different plane types . Then i go into how well each of her plane types play vs different class ships. I also go into my strategy for being bottom tier at tier 6 in a cv. I fell it is different than being a bottom tier cv in a tier 8 vs tier 10s. I also compare her to the Ark Roayal and give my opinions , not complete fact based but I give my reasoning also. I have Loewenhardt , Kaga , Indomitable,  Saipan, Ark Royal, Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin... that is to show I do not have favorite , I love them all . My Youtube channel is Meta_Man2002 please subscribe if you find the video helpful , I have mostly guides ,strategies and reviews .


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