Copied from Reddit: Deciphered by LongBen. Solution:давайте-сделаем-мозговой-штурм/?tab=comments#comment-6170162 Translation: Begin with the big letters CONGRATULATIONS. T and S fall out. Now, Morse code: 1) On a ribbon (roller): --- = O 2) Mate signaling = U 3) Real signal (the only one, Indie) = I 4) What remains of the torn T (-): dash = Т 5) ASCII on a plane, 0x4f = О 6) Phone sound (need to turn camera towards it): beeping reads --. = G 7) Blinking light in the window: -.-. = С Now removing the letters from the word CONGRAULATION (T and S already removed). Getting the word NRALAN Going back to the cypher table, setting up letters: in the original order, N and A - first, then second. Result: FESTUM