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Captain reset's and cost associated with it.....

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So we all know the cost's of a captain skill reset at 19 points, 475 doubloons or 190,000 elite xp. As I read today captains skill points may move to 21 and the cost associated with that change will be 700 doubloons.

You may only want to change one skill, or all skills. You may simply want to test a build, see how it works. Currently, whatever change you make or test will cost you, and dissatisfied, you have to pay the same rate to change it again for additional testing or to simply change it back.

Any captain's skill change if paid for with doubloons or elite xp should have a time limit, 2 hours to 2 days.....(and/or whatever is decided on) with the ability to swap as many times as you want until you finalize your choice. Or, after you make changes, if they are slight, say a couple of 2 point skills, you only pay in doubloons or elite xp the few points you changed, not the full 19 point value (or soon to be 21pt value).

We all have played our ships for hundreds of hours, there shouldn't be a $3-$7 cost to test a build per ship and change it back 2 hours later.

I received over 100 +1's on this idea earlier today and decided to make it public.

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In the past when they redid the skills, they gave a time window, 2 weeks or whatever, during which respecs were free so you could figure out all the new stuff without paying.  I hope they do it again.

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