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How do I get my Wows Stats and Numbers info to display on posts?

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For years I had my weekly and overall stats set to display at the bottom of the page here in the forum when I post. For some reason I can't get the URL entered in my Profile here when I edit it anymore.

Can some kind soul do a quick STEP BY STEP on how to enter the URL you grab on the WoWs Stats & Numbers page (I can find that url you need). I just can't seem to save it in my profile so it is automatically posted anymore.1003064223.png I know it's something obvious I'm missing because I managed to do it before.1003064223.png

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Oh, that's just terrible. I wonder how many players are affected by this. This could cause serious problems and trauma.

I am not sure even how to fix that, but I am hoping someone will help you.

In the meantime, just remain calm. Just tell players to not look down there for a while. Tell them to pretend that there is nothing to see here.

I guess if you had it there for so long that it is like you walked in the room with no pants 👖 on.

Oh, the awkwardness. Oh, the lingering feeling that WG has pulled a prank.

Look on the bright side, you can be mysterious for a change. The worse that can happen is someone Photoshop a nice rack on your profile picture. And you suddenly get complimented.

Please WG, for the love of citadels, help this player out.

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