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Pretty much what Steelman said, but I’d also point out the issue of premium ships.

In my port right now I have 40 premiums that use 19 point captains. Some have dedicated captains that live in those ships (like my Alaska captain, or my Moskva captain which is currently just used in the 180+ RU cruiser premiums), but most share with tech tree captains to varying degrees of effectiveness (like a destroyer using a cruiser or battleship captain in co-op for snowflakes or if they’re needed for certain missions). Technically they don’t have 19 point captains, but they’d all use 19 point captains if they go out, so how would the filter handle them?

The ones that get played a lot are already set as primaries, and I know which ships get which captains and have an external list with all of them sorted by captain, but if I had a bigger fleet with significantly more 19 point captains that were shared among lots of premiums it would get much more complex. 

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