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My best game in the Republique ever! 295K

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This really started off looking like a loss but then the stars aligned and it became an incredible 295K game.




A few notable moments:

1.  3:50 I get bit by the lock on bug. Should have checked before firing.

2.  13:25 Quick thinking with manual secondary control dispatches the Kleber while I brawl the Kurfurst.

3.  15:35 The Des Moines is taken out with two salvos thanks to over-match straight through the bow. If this has been a Russian ship with an ice breaker the outcome would have been different. Quick tip: Take your gun MM size and divide it by 14.3 and round down to the nearest whole number. That is now many mm of armor you can over-match.


Video is a replay recording so the motion is funky.




Turns out you can get multiple awards of the same type as long as they are in the same round you will collect the awards. Picked up 30 secondary flags.





The build is nothing special. Its just your standard secondary build but with CE instead of BFT.




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Impressive most impressive. I didnt realise you could get multiples of the flags in the same match. The more you know :cap_hmm:

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