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Speclal Flags issue?

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Is there a special (something) you have to do, to get the special flags to work?

I'm having an issue getting the special flags to apply their bonus.  No, I have no mods installed.

Any idea why are the special flags (Papa Papa and Ourboros specifically) not providing the bonus xp as indicated?
     I fought a battle in the Omaha at 1:44am on Aug 15 2020.
           - I received 641 base xp.
           - I received 641 extra base xp for the Regia Marina flag.
           - I received 20 xp as a clan bonus (+3%).
           For a total of 1302 free xp.

The ship started with 8,317 ship xp.
The ship ended with 9,169 ship xp. (only +1302).
     I had equipped the Papa Papa special flag which supposed to provide +200% free xp.  It did not.

Any idea why it didn't?   Can you only use one bonus per battle?
      I tried using the Ouroboros several other battles (supposed to provide +777% free xp) and failed to receive that bonus xp as well.

Do flags and special flags override each other so that only one provides a bonus?
Or are some flags limited by ship tier?

Thank you.

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Free xp doesn’t apply to the ship xp (the silver stars). It’s a completely separate xp system, which is depicted with the gold stars. Both are based on your base XP’s earnings, and both apply bonuses the same way (additive off of the base value, not multipicative or compounding), but ship and commander xp are based on the full base xp value, while free xp calculates based on a percent of the base xp. 


The wiki article here outlines how xp is calculated and earned. 

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